Fukushima is the third-largest prefecture in Japan,
and turns out a wealth of delicious offerings
thanks to its diverse climate conditions and natural features.
We pour our hearts and souls into bringing you the absolute finest products Fukushima has to offer.
We hope you enjoy them!


Our specialty products

Premium offerings born of Fukushima Pride

Fukushima Prefecture covers a vast area that is made up of three regions, each with their own distinctive features. The produce and livestock that come out of our different natural environments offer a wealth of delicious variety to discover. Among them are eleven specialty products with some of the highest yields in Japan--the foods that serve as “the signature of Fukushima”. So dive in and discover the amazing flavors that come from our farms, forests, and fisheries--cultivated with pride by local Fukushima producers.

Seasonal ”calendar for key Fukushima products

The Fukushima Pride story

Fukushima Prefecture is made up of three regions: Aizu, Central, and Coastal--each with its own unique features and charms. The people that live in these areas take advantage of their region's distinctive climate conditions and natural features to grow and raise delicious food. Our producers take great pride in their products, the self-proclaimed nmemon (delicious offerings) of Fukushima Prefecture!
(Click the icons on the map to learn more!)

Our climate conditions and natural features Our climate conditions and natural features

The Abukuma Mountains and Ou Mountain Range run north-south across Fukushima Prefecture, dividing it into three areas with completely different climatic features.
In the Coastal Region, which runs along the Pacific coast, summers are mild and winters are relatively warm, with little snowfall.

Meanwhile, the summers in Aizu are pleasantly cool in the mountains and at night, but can be intensely hot and humid in the valleys and during the day. And winter brings some of the heaviest snowfall in Japan.

The weather of the Central Region falls somewhere in between the two areas. Summers are hot and humid, but can have massive temperature fluctuations throughout the day, while winters bring chilly winds and snowfall.
All of these natural characteristics set the stage for the delicious food that Fukushima produces.

Fukushima Pride Delivery Service

Fukushima Pride Delivery Service

Fukushima prefecture products can be purchased from the special page of each online store.

Special Promotion! Experience Fukushima Pride.

You can now order your favorite Fukushima Pride products—everything from rice, meat, seasonal fruit, and sake, at your favorite online retailer! Our local producers are proudly offering their products through Amazon, Rakuten, and Yahoo! Shopping.
Take this opportunity to try a variety of products lovingly cultivated by local producers and experience the best Fukushima Prefecture has to offer.

Promotional period

◆Amazon 2/4(木)~3/20(土)
◆楽天市場 2/22(月)~3/26(金)
◆Yahoo!ショッピング 2/10(水)~3/16(火)

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  • Vol.1

    こだわり横丁 ふくしまや



  • Vol.2

    肉処 三代目本多



  • Vol.3

    マルマン醸造 ヤフー店



  • Vol.4

    信濃屋楽天市場店 shinanoya



インスタグラム施策 ふくしまごはん

Fukushima meals


What customers are saying

Here’s what customers who sampled the specialty products at Fukushima Pride fairs are saying!

  • Fukushima Ten-no-tsubu rice

    The texture is delightfully firm and springy. It’s better than the rice I typically eat.
    (Tokyo man in his 30s)

    It’s got a clean flavor and even tastes great cold. I bet it would be great for bento boxes or rice balls.
    (Tokyo woman in her 30s)

  • Fukushima Aizu Koshihikari rice

    It’s so aromatic, and tastes sweeter than the rice I normally eat.
    (Tokyo woman in her 50s)

    I love the springy texture—and it gets sweeter the more you chew it.
    (Tokyo man in his 20s)

  • Fukushima Beef

    It’s rich and flavorful and doesn’t taste cheap at all. Just one bite and you know you’re getting quality beef.
    (Tokyo man in his 40s)

    It has a delicious natural beef flavor. The only seasoning it needs is a little salt and pepper.
    (Tokyo woman in her 40s)

  • Fukushima Akatsuki peaches

    Deliciously sweet and juicy. I love the thick texture and rich flavor, they are so different from other peaches!
    (Tokyo woman in her 40s)

    Each one is so intensely sweet! Fukushima peaches really are sweet and delicious.
    (Tokyo man in his 50s)

  • Fukushima tomatoes

    They’re sweet, but with just the right hint of tartness. You can taste the pure tomato flavor.
    (Tokyo man in his 40s)

    Fukushima tomatoes are a cut above, with a beautiful color. I love their rich taste.
    (Tokyo woman in her 50s)

CM gallery

TV commercials

All the best that Fukushima has to offer is packed into our tagline of Fukushima Pride. We hope you enjoy this fun TV commercial!

  • ふくしまプライド。「お米」篇 15秒

  • ふくしまプライド。「牛肉」篇 15秒

  • ふくしまプライド。「ヒラメ」篇 15秒

  • Fukushima Pride peach edition 15 seconds

  • Fukushima Pride summer vegetables edition 15 seconds

  • Fukushima Pride skipjack edition 15 seconds

You Can Enjoy!

Watch this delightful anime commercial we made to showcase the wonder of products from Fukushima's farms, forests, and fisheries. We call it “You Can Enjoy!”
This fun adventure offers a bit of a surrealist take on daily live at the Farm Gakuen School, where Fukushima's natural products (taking on the form of loveable characters) go to spiff themselves up and make sure they're ready to be sent out into the world.
(It's gaining a great popularity on Fukushima Prefecture's official YouTube channel!)


(In Japanese alphabetical order by character name)

:Saki Fujita
Aizu Jidori (local chicken) & Kawamata Shamo (fighting cocks)
:Anju Inami
:Aya Uchida
Anpogaki (persimmon)
:Junko Takeuchi
Ten no tsubu (rice)
:Nana Mizuki
Nameko N-1 (mushroom)
:Sumire Uesaka
Niitaka (pear)
:Satomi Sato
Mr. Farm
:Yuki Kaji
Harukitaru (asparagus)
:Sarah Emi Bridcutt
Power Green (cucumber)
:Haruka Yoshimura
Hirame (flounder)
:Sarah Emi Bridcutt
Shige & Mitsuko Fukushimagyu (cow)
:Houko Kuwashima
Fukuharuka & Fukuayaka (strawberry)
:Yuka Iguchi
Rinka (gentian)
:Saori Goto
Theme song “YOU CAN ENJOY!” Composer, arranger: Kenichi Yanai,Yusuke Nakamura/ Lyrics: Yoshinobu Asao Singer: Su (SILENT SIREN)

Our commitment to safety and reliability

We have an extensive system of inspections in place that ensures the safety of every edible item we produce in Fukushima Prefecture at the production, distribution, and consumption stage. Government agencies work together with production regions, producers, and distribution companies to carry out multiple tests every step of the way, ensuring that we only turn out agriculture, forestry, and fishery products that are guaranteed to be safe. Visit the websites below to find out more about how we confirm the safety and reliability of Fukushima products.

まじうまふくしま!東京の店 福島のうまいものが食べられる東京の店
ふくしま満天堂 キラリと光る、県産6次化商品の魅力をお届け! 詳しくはこちらから










髙島屋で「ふくしまプライド。 」フェアを開催します。【1/13(水)~1/26(火)】

イベント・フェア概要 玉川髙島屋、新宿髙島屋において、福島県産あんぽ柿のフェアを行います。また、玉川髙島屋では高級精肉店「人形町今半」での福島牛1頭売り尽くしフェアや、県オリジナル米「天のつぶ」、川俣シャモのフェアを開催します。(※いずれも週末にマネキンによる宣伝販売あり。) 玉川髙島屋では地下1階食品フロア内・青果売場に設置したモニターで、バーチャル販売員による福島県産品の宣伝と接客を行います。
開催場所・店舗 玉川髙島屋地下1階食料品フロア内各店舗、新宿髙島屋地下1階〈生鮮〉サン・フレッシュ
実施日時 【あんぽ柿フェア 期間】 ・玉川髙島屋:令和3年1月13日(水)~26日(火) ・新宿髙島屋:令和3年1月15日(金)~17日(日) 【福島牛フェア 期間】 ・玉川髙島屋(人形町今半)令和3年1月15日(金)~17日(日) 【川俣シャモフェア 期間】 ・玉川髙島屋(鳥芳)令和3年1月20日(水)~26日(火) 【天のつぶフェア 期間】 ・玉川髙島屋(たつみや)令和3年1月13日(水)~26日(火) 【アバター接客】 ・玉川髙島屋 令和3年1月15日(金)・17日(日)、22日(金)、24日(日) ※いずれも11:00~17:00の時間帯にて、モニターでバーチャル販売員による福島県産品の宣伝と接客を行います。
詳細 主な県産品の品目:あんぽ柿、福島牛、米、川俣シャモ


イベント・フェア概要 先行販売中の福島県新ブランド米「福、笑い」の販促フェアを開催します。東京都ごはん区(※)とタイアップして、「福、笑い」おにぎりも販売します。 ※五つ星お米マイスターを持つ都内の米穀専門店で組織
開催場所・店舗 日本橋ふくしま館ミデッテ
実施日時 12/18(金)~12/20(日) 11:00~18:00
詳細 主な県産品の品目:米「福、笑い」


イベント・フェア概要 期間中「福、笑い」を使用した食事メニューの提供・オリジナル弁当の販売を致します。皆さまお誘い合わせのうえ、ご来場ください。
開催場所・店舗 福島県観光物産館(コラッセふくしま1階)
実施日時 令和2年12月4日(金)~12月6日(日)
詳細 販売品目:米「福、笑い」
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